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Earthquake Engineering

Civil - Effective Upto 2013


Code : 160605 Common Name : EQ Year : 3 Sem : 6
Theory Hours : 4 Practical Hours : 2 Tutorial Hours : 0 Credits : 6
Exam Marks : 70 Midsem Marks : 30 Practical Marks : 50 Total : 150

Syllabus Topics

Fundamentals of Earthquake Vibrations of buildings
Static load v/s Dynamic load (force control and displacement control), simplified single degree of freedom system, modeling of buildings, natural frequency, resonance v/s increased response, responses of buildings to different types of vibrations like free and forced, damped and undamped vibration, response of building to earthquake ground motion, introduction to multi degree of freedom systems (mode shapes).

Earthquake Basics
Earth interior, plate tectonics, faults, consequences of earthquake, Earthquake parameters, magnitude & intensity, scales, Seismic zones of India, damages caused during past earthquakes (world wide).

Earthquake resistant Masonry features
Un-reinforced Masonry, Basics of masonry: units of masonry, good construction practice, Earthquake resistant features: bands and vertical reinforcement (IS 4326, IS 13827, IS 13828)

Design Philosophy
Philosophy of earthquake resistant design, earthquake proof v/s earthquake resistant design, four virtues of earthquake resistant structures (strength, stiffness, ductility and configuration), seismic structural configuration ,Introduction to IS: 1893 (Part I), IS: 875 (Part V). Seismic load : Seismic coefficient method – base shear and lateral force distribution along height. Introduction to Response spectrum, IS codeprovisions. Modal analysis of building frame.

Lateral Loads on Buildings
Lateral Load Distribution: Rigid diaphragm effect, centers of mass and stiffness, torsionally coupled and uncoupled system. Lateral Load Analysis: Analysis of framesusing approximate methods like portal & cantilever methods

Ductile Detailing
Concepts of Detailing of various structural components as per IS: 13920 provisions.

Special topics
Introduction to soil liquefaction, structural controls & Seismic strengthening.


Dynamics of structures ,

A.K.Chopra; - Pearson, New Delhi

Earthquake resistant design of structures

Manish Shrikhande & Pankaj Agrawal - PHI Publication, New Delhi

Earthquake resistance design of structures

S.K.Duggal; - Oxford University Press, New Delhi.

Dynamics of structures

Clough & Penzin;

Behavior of RC structure

Park & Pauly;

Introduction to Structural Dynamics

John M.Biggs;

- Earthquake Tips, Nicee

C V R Murthy

Mechanical Vibration;

S S Rao; - Pearson, New Delhi

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